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What Are Examples of Social Media Content Marketing?

social media content marketing

What Are Examples of Social Media Content Marketing?

Are you looking for what are examples of social media content marketing than, you’ve landed at the right place. Social media is probably the top form of content marketing. What number of individuals do you have any idea who has somewhere around one online entertainment account? Online entertainment is unavoidable, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or even the new children like TikTok. That implies it’s not difficult to meet individuals based on their conditions and feed them the sort of happiness they’re searching for. In any case, what sorts of content are individuals sharing via web-based entertainment? How about we check a couple of models out.

What Does Social Media Content marketing mean?

Like with the rest of content marketing, content can mean almost anything, thanks to the many, many outlets available on social media. Whether it’s a quick, bite-sized tidbit that someone finds funny or exciting, or a long-form video detailing the how-to behind a fairly complex idea or process, content is whatever you’re creating. 

Before we look at content marketing examples, let’s see some common types of content: 

  • Articles or Blogs – Whether quick hits or longer-form pieces, most social media platforms allow you to share links to these articles or even embed them. 
  • Videos – After uploading a video to YouTube or Vimeo, it’s easy to share them on platforms like Facebook or Twitter. Videos can be shared on Instagram, whether pre-recorded or made in the app. TikTok is also video-based, but it helps make these videos in the app itself. 
  • Infographics – One of the original ways of making data and numbers interesting to people who don’t like data and numbers, infographics use visual appeal to pull people in. 
  • Photos – It seems simple, but a good photography style is a major part of any brand. Maintaining that look across all social media platforms is key to a good social media strategy.

Social Media Content Marketing Examples

One of the best ways to see social media content marketing work is to see it in action. There are millions of content marketing examples that we could look at. but let’s take the time to see a few that are particularly interesting. 

Highly Curated Instagram Accounts – Instagram is all the rage. with everything from memes to lifestyles photography to influencers sharing their hot new things. If you’re a consumer-driven brand that sells. Instagram has plenty of tools that make it easy to share content—and capitalize on it. 

Take Crate and Barrel. for example. Any shoppable post on Instagram is denoted with a white bag icon in the corner. When you tap the image once. you can see several items for sale. Their designers spend a lot of time putting together those beautiful. iconic settings. See something (or several things?) you like? Tap. see the item’s name and price and then tap that to go to the product page to buy. 


Cross-Channel Tie Ins – One of the best methods for using social media is tying together two different outlets. Think of finding interesting ways to use channels like Spotify. Spotify makes it easy for brands to create playlists or constantly updated channels. 

Casper. the mattress company. did this beautifully. Because they’re all about helping people get a good night’s sleep. they created a “Sleep Channel.” full of white noise. meditative sounds. and other quiet. comforting noises to help you get some shut-eye. They shared it via their other social media profiles. 

Companies That Use Social Media Content Marketing Effectively

Finding a social media content marketing strategy that works well for your business requires thought. trial and error. and doing what you can to carve a niche in your industry. Several brands have found unique avenues that work remarkably well for them. Your brand’s “voice” on social media doesn’t necessarily have to match the rest of your brand’s marketing (but don’t go crazy). Let’s look at a few companies that effectively use social media content marketing.

GoPro – This action camera manufacturer has a pretty easy into social media: they make a product that takes amazing pictures and video. so outlets like Instagram are right up their alley. With the number of people who use their products and share their amazing shots using the #gopro hashtag. they can share some amazing photos from their products while building an even stronger user base. 


Wendy’s – Who would’ve thought that a place touted for its “old-fashioned burgers” would come out so hot on trendy social media? But they did. Unlike many others on social. Wendy’s adopted a voice. particularly noted for its scathing wit and burning retorts. Retweets are a rich currency in the world of social. and people are simply throwing them at Wendy’s social media team. 

King Arthur Baking Company: When a certain quarantine suddenly got a lot of people toying with sourdough. King Arthur Baking Company (formerly King Arthur Flour) was there and ready. Constantly sharing new recipes that have been heavily vetted. plus getting professionals and semi-pros and sharing live baking demonstrations via Instagram Stories. their social media team rocketed to the top of many social feeds. 

Supercharge Your Social Media Content marketing with Digiscap

Of course, we can’t all have full social media teams putting together our strategies for us. Or maybe you are a team but still could use a little assistance in the trial-and-error portion—no matter which. try out Digiscap to take your social media content marketing to the next level. You’ll get all your data in one place. plus ideas for improvements and recommendations for other areas to create content. Try it now and see what your audience is doing.


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