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PPC Reporting Tools

ppc reporting tools

PPC Reporting Tools

Are you looking for PPC reporting tools? Then you’ve landed at the right place. Reporting PPC campaigns is a time-consuming and challenging process. Luckily, PPC reporting tools can improve and simplify the process for you. These PPC reporting tools allow you to see what your PPC campaign is doing in real-time and make it possible for you to change your PPC offers depending on the situation.

What is a PPC report?

A PPC report is a report you can create to show the results of your PPC campaigns. To create a PPC report, you need to analyze key metrics that will feature the effectiveness of your ads.

Without a PPC report, you lack visibility of how your ads are working on hitting your target KPIs. And without that, you’re going to struggle to improve and advance them.

Why do you need a PPC reporting tool?

PPC reporting tools can help you upgrade your ads, reduce wasted spend and smooth out your targeting. 

PPC isn’t easy, and there are more barriers to reporting on your PPC campaigns specifically. 

Not every client would arrive on your site after clicking an ad and convert immediately if they did! Then each client has to go through their customer journey from awareness to application to the decision stage.

PPC reporting tools you need to budget for in 2022

Now you know why you could need a PPC reporting tool in your marketing stack; let’s go through some of our favourite PPC tools. Keep in mind that not all of these are crucial. But the tools we’ve listed below could help you take your paid advertising to the next level. 

Let’s see which PPC reporting tool is best.

1. Ruler Analytics


Ruler is a marketing attribution tool that allows marketers to follow leads through the client journey, in general, to credit closed income back to the impacting marketing sources.

It can credit through different models.

So, you can switch between attribution models to understand more how channels, campaigns, and ads are working to drive you more leads and more income.

Pricing: It starts at £199 per month.

2. Agency Analytics


It is a great cross-channel aggregation tool for PPC marketers, and it assists SEO content.

This tool is loaded with key features, and PPC advertisers will love including a white label PPC reporting tool and abilities to organize with more than 50 apps.


Its dashboards will let you know your ad spend from Google and Facebook ad campaigns and allow you to understand your results and return quickly.

Pricing: It starts from $49 a month with discounts of 20% available for annual plans.

3. Swydo


It allows you to combine data from Google Ads, Facebook Insights, and Bing Ads to make customized reports.

You can set and monitor your KPIs. This will help you keep optimized to your customer or business needs. You can then plan reports to go weekly, monthly, or even every day.


Pricing starts at $64 per month for 20 clients, with discounts available if you choose the annual plan.

4. Octoboard


It features PPC tracking to follow your site visitors.

Templates are available, so you don’t have to make your reports from scratch, and reports can be automated, so you don’t need to remember to send them to your users. There’s also a helpful option to allow your users to log into Octoboard themselves but can only see the data you allow them to see. You can import your data and take advantage of various integrations (50+), from Bing Ads to Zendesk.

Pricing: The business plans start at just $9 per month, while the agency option starts at $30 per month.



It offers automated reporting, premade layouts for your reports, and the ability to import your data. You can clone and gather your reports, saving time if you have similar clients who’ll need the same type of reporting.

The dashboard includes all your data in one place, from PPC ads to SEM, with email marketing, eCommerce, and social. With widgets, dashboard headers, comments, and note boxes, you can modify this dashboard. And it allows you to focus on what you need.

Pricing: Prices start at $33 a month for 3 dashboards.

6. Reporting Ninja


It allows you to automate your reports and customize them to suit. It gives you the option of reporting only on Facebooks Ads or Google Ads, etc., or creating a full report that combines all of your PPC analytics.

The reports are clear and well spread out with written data, graphs, and charts to clarify what’s happening with your campaigns. Reporting Ninja provides a format library and gadgets, so you’re not building your reports from scratch. You can also give your clients their login, so you don’t need to make sure to send reports.

Reporting Ninja only has 16 integrations and can make independent reports and joined ones.

Pricing: Prices start at $20 per month for 10 reports.

Wrapping up

Using PPC reporting tools can help businesses, especially organizations, keep track of their efforts and stay optimized to get the best results. But remember, while many of these reporting tools help you make and schedule reports easier, they don’t give you the full picture.


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