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How to launch an SEO Consultancy?

SEO Consultancy

How to launch an SEO Consultancy?

So, you’ve made it. You had an idea in your mind. It made you search “How to start an SEO consultancy?” and here you are reading this article. Pretty sweet. To those who are familiar with how powerful SEO could be, the idea of starting an SEO Consultancy comes naturally.

In this article, we will be going-through everything you may require to entertain and execute the idea of potentially starting an SEO consultancy. While yes, we will be dealing with the subject matter to ensure you understand the ideas thoroughly, do keep in mind one advice; read the entire article. This will ensure you have grasped everything quite well and increase your chances of SEO success.

The Article is Going to be Divided in the Following Manner:

1. Don’t be doubtful.
2. Be good at it. (Very good).
3. Deciding what kind of a Consultancy to establish.
4. Handling Logistics.
5. Expanding your business.

1) Don’t be Doubtful.

Even though this is a how-to article on SEO consultancy, there is a high chance you may be directed to this page because you were wondering if working in the SEO industry is even a viable option in 2022. 

Indeed, the practice of optimizing your website and, with it, web pages so that they rank higher on search engines has been going on since people realized how vital search engine traffic is. This form of Digital Marketing is also popular since it tends to increase website traffic over time instead of regular paid ads. 

Due to the popularity of Digital Marketing itself, SEO consultants may be increasing in number. However, do note that Quantity does not ensure Quality. As long as you focus on ensuring you have what it takes to call yourself good on SEO, you have a guaranteed position somewhere in the SEO world. However, as this article deals with specifically SEO consultancies, let’s take a closer look into what opening an SEO Consultancy means. 


It means not only being good at SEO itself but being so indulged in the art that you wouldn’t find a problem dealing with it at times, as peculiar as 3 in the morning. When you establish a consultancy that converts, you are at this moment establishing an online firm that is accessible to potential clients 24/7. 

This means that there may be urgent decisions or actions to be made by you at any hour of the day. Indeed, you will have to schedule your days more sharply to ensure you handle your business outside the personnel; opening an SEO Consultancy means being committed to the practice. And this especially applies to you since, given you follow the steps right, you may as well be taking an entrepreneurial role in the SEO consultancy yourself. 

You can only do this well when you’re not doubtful. Yes, there will be tough days, and, for most consultancies, tough days are all they see for a long time. However, with consistency and patience, results do come. We will be looking at how exactly in the very next portion of this article.

2) Be Good at it. (Very good.)

Yes, it can be assumed that you know your way around ranking websites when you’re reading an article about how to open an SEO consultancy. However, assumptions don’t cut it. When establishing a consultancy, you’ve got two practices you need to master. 


First: SEO itself.

Second: Handling a Consultancy. 


For many of them, it may be that you do think you have a good idea of how to go about SEO. For those who don’t, there are indeed resources available. Resources that you can access freely without spending a dime., for example, is an excellent guide as it addresses both amateurs and beginners. Anyone can land on the website and start their free journey of learning SEO and work towards theoretical knowledge gain.

SEO Consultancy

An eight-hour all-inclusive tutorial to build basic concepts of SEO. We were offered free on Youtube.

After the theory, however, comes the practical. To ensure you are good at SEO and give your to-be SEO Consultancy a boost in its early days, rank websites. As someone who wants to start an SEO consultancy, you need to master the art of ranking like it’s a choreographed handshake with your best bud. Sure it takes time but so do all good things. 

Work for clients and ensure you land their websites but even before that, do everything on your own. Create your blogs, write your content, build your links and go through the hassle of getting guest posts at websites you think are important. One more key learning practice is how important it is to become a part of SEO forums. For example, you can discuss the many varieties of steps and tools people take and use in keyword research. Or you could be helping others find their way around difficult tasks like where to source blog post content. 


Going through this hassle makes you get to know people who may be helpful to you in the future for your SEO consultancy yourself. Moreover, this is a fun way to kill two birds or even more with one stone. You get to practice, improve your skills, and potentially network around building useful connections. These connections can indeed prove very useful in starting an SEO business of your own. 

In the ever-changing SEO world, where complete businesses depend on algorithms search engines use, you need to stay up to date. So before you even start to think of opening a consultancy, make sure you know your SEO damn well. You can ensure so by trying to answer the two following questions. How many websites have I singled handily ranked? And Would my clients refer me to others?

Given you have good judging knowledge, you would need either way to run a consultancy of any kind, let alone an SEO one; you should be able to judge where you stand according to your answers.

3) Deciding on what kind of a Consultancy to Establish

An SEO consultancy can indeed have many types. You can either be a one-person army that handles all aspects of what a client may wish to look for in SEO or be more efficient with the entire process and hire a team where each individual-specializes in one task only. Do note that while deciding what type of structure you are looking for in your consultancy, consider the competition around and the audience you want to target. 

Note that many consultancies now offer “all-in-one packages,” which offer all a client may need to gain quality website traffic. So you need to ensure you’re not just at par with your competition, but beyond. 

From a legal point of view, you need to understand that your SEO Consultancy will be operating within a country’s jurisdictions, which then determines the tax codes and standards you have to abide by. Hence, the structure of your SEO Consultancy matters as this can heavily impact how much taxes your consultancy pays. Choices usually range from opening an SEO Consultancy as a Limited Liability Company or LLC for short or a Sole Proprietorship. 


It is hence necessary to take advice from a lawyer. Have a legal department ready. Not only will this department help decide the structure and, ultimately, taxes, but it will also help in drafting contracts you will be giving out to your clients. And yes, while we’re on the subject of contracts, YES, THEY ARE IMPORTANT. 

SEO services, like most services, online are subject to change anytime from either party, the client, or the consultancy. Hence, by establishing a contract, you specify exactly what your consultancy will be doing, for what period, and what the client owns after the service has been provided. 

To come back to the point, you need to plan your SEO Consultancy’s specifics carefully. A good way to do this is to create a flowchart of the steps taken by your client to reach you and then receive your services potentially. After creating that flowchart, try to find places where you can improve and then materialize the flowchart so there is an existing system emulating it.

4) Handling Logistics 

You will soon realize that running an SEO consultancy is only similar to freelancing to a certain extent. Outside of which, things get hectic; very easily. To ensure your key focus is on providing the services which clients ultimately pay for, you need to make sure duties are assigned. A few pointers to take note of, however, are discussed below. 

Set up a reliable and accessible payment method. This is key since you need the transactional process, where clients pay your consultancy money, to be as smooth as possible. Hence, you need to ensure the client does not have to go out of their way to pay for your SEO services. Choose a payment method that is locally accessible to the clients you are targeting. 


This could mean setting up multi-currency accounts which allow your consultancy’s clients to pay you in the currency of their locality. While this may work for bank transfers and cheques, you also need to ensure easy online payment gateways integrated with your SEO consultancy’s ecosystem so your clients have flexibility. Many multi-currency account providers may exist; however, one of the most notable ones include Wise.

Moreover, along with receiving payments come handling payments as well. As any SEO Consultancy would want to establish a sense of brand familiarity with their clients, you need to focus on that. Thus, investing in an invoicing solution will not hurt. There are both free & paid options available. Zoho is a free invoicing software used by many freelancers, while services like Paypal offer their invoicing options. Go with what is best for your SEO Consultancy, intending to ensure a smooth experience for your clients.

5) Marketing and Expanding your Consultancy

One major aspect we have not yet discussed in creating your SEO consultancy is how important the creative aspect of the entire project is. It would help if you had a good name, a catchy one, perhaps. A professional logo to go along with it is also necessary. You can find great quality freelancers for cheap on sites such as Fiverr.

SEO Consultancies usually enjoy a very easy bargain phrase they can use on almost any potential client. “Oh, you sell <xyz>?! We can help your business-by-putting your site on the first page of Google.” However, finding clients interested in becoming your loyal, long-term customers can be difficult. Hence, every SEO consultancy has a separate lead or marketing department that gets used to cold-calling businesses. 


Many start with local businesses and expand afterward, but the strategy remains the same. Cold Calls need to be done in large multitudes from which only a handful convert. However, SEO is a niche you can find considerable money in, given that you are expanding well. While expecting around $200 from a long-term client every month for SEO may not be far from reality, getting ten to fifteen of such clients can help your consultancy take root and turn out good profits. 

Moreover, other strategies include email marketing, where an SEO Consultancy tries to contact potential clients using emails and, as a result, tries to get them to buy their SEO services. It indeed does work for many and hence remains a popular method of gaining leads. 


As this article highlighted general concepts that govern getting you ready for starting your very own SEO business, it was divided into relevant sections. These sub-topics were meant to shed light on what you need to have to establish an SEO Consultancy. From here on now, it is all up to you. 


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