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How to add meta tag to Shopify?

add meta tag to shopify

How to add meta tag to Shopify?

Are you looking for how to add meta tag to shopify? Then you’ve landed at the right place? Meta tags are necessary because they impact how your site shows in the search engine results pages (SERPs) and how many people are likely to click through to your site. Therefore, they apply an effect on the organic traffic, engagement rate, as well as your SEO rankings.

To contact more visitors, it is vital to add meta tags in Shopify. This article will give you a detailed tutorial on How to add meta tags on Shopify.  

How to add meta tag to Shopify?

Step 1: Open your theme in Shopify

To edit your theme on Shopify, log into the admin dashboard and navigate to Online Store -> Themes. Then select Actions -> Edit Code for access to the source code of the active template. 

edit-code-1024x456 step 1

Step 2: Edit your Layout 

You can see a list of all the files in your template in the left-hand column. Within the layout folder, find and open the theme. Liquid – this is where we’ll be editing most changes to our store’s appearance.  

The liquid syntax looks different from other HTML languages because it has brackets around tags with arguments inside them. These are required or optional for use within Shopify themes on the online editor. However, you don’t need to worry too much about how they work now; you will edit something. 

edit-your-layout-1024x456 step 2

Step 3: Add meta tags 

Add your meta tags in the < head> section of the theme. liquid file, using description approved syntax below: 

<meta class=”Swiftype” name=”[field name]” data-type=”[field type]” content=”[field content]” />

For some of the terms in the tag above, here’s a brief explanation:

  • Name: You can name it whatever you like. For instance, the name or description of a product.
  • Data-type refers to the type of content you use in your tag.
  • Content: Your custom field’s content is its actual value. Using liquid variables, you can extract this information.


Meta tags are important in improving the search result and reaching out to more clients. Everyone can easily add meta tags on Shopify without coding skills in a few seconds. I hope you find this tutorial to be useful and easy to follow. 


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